September 26 , 2023  

What is TimeToRemindMe?

We're glad you asked! TimeToRemindMe is a new free service that allows you to schedule events as reminders. These events can be setup to send out text messages or emails to anyone that you want to remind something of (including yourself!). You can even set an event to repeat for use for occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, weekly music lessons, etc. Why not give it a try for yourself? It's free!

How Do I Sign Up?

You can create an account at this URL. In order to register, you will require a cellphone of which you can receive text messages. Upon completing registration, you will receive a text message with a temporary password to your account (this password can be changed from the top right menu once you log in). Sign in with the username you chose and the password you receive and you're done!

How Do I Use TimeToRemindMe?

If you would like to view our tutorial page, click here. It will describe the fundamentals of using TimeToRemindMe.

Have Suggestions?

We're listening! Send them to Your input is important to our growth, and we want our users to be happy.

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